Wellness Programs

Wellness-Promoting Programs based in the Music of Native American Style Flutes
Music and the voice of the flute speak to us in many ways and can support us in physical and emotional healing. The medical profession has long recognized the physiological and psychological benefits of music in pain and stress management and healing following surgery or trauma.

Ms. Seiden’s work is based on both modern medicine and on ancient traditions. Sound is one of the most ancient forms of healing. On a physical level, sound techniques can alleviate pain, lower blood pressure, facilitate tissue healing following surgery, and balance hyperactivity in adults and children. Sound is useful in healing from trauma and emotional states that isolate individuals from society. It facilitates concentration, relaxation and creativity. On a metaphysical level, sound and resonance can induce a deeply meditative level of consciousness, and open new levels of awareness.

Music and vibrations can also be employed to address thought patterns and body memories, opening the way for individuals to gently process that which does not serve the higher self. Through music tailored to various needs, Jan’s flutes supports listeners in reducing their pain levels and in the safe processing of personal patterns restraining them from achieving healthier, more balanced ways of being. Participants achieve an inner sense of peace and compassion for themselves and others.


Ms. Seiden’s programs include:

“Meditative Journeys” – Wellness and Healing Circles: for stress and pain management
Staff Development:
stress management and connecting with one’s sense of purpose; supporting harmonious relationships within an organization
Children’s Programs
programs for youthcombine storytelling and songs of nature that captivate and inspire imaginative young minds.



Wellness Programs and Healing Circles for:
Women recovering from domestic violence
War veterans struggling with PTSD
Adults with cancer and/or chronic pain
Adults or children with neuromuscular diseases (such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and also with post-stroke complications.

Each program begins with a communal experience of music and guided visualization, setting intention specific to each group’s needs. The common theme includes guided visualization of personal safe space and setting personal boundaries to remain in an emotionally neutral and compassionate place. Each participant is then supported on their own healing journey with a focused, one-on-one experience as Ms. Seiden spends time alongside each person playing music tailored specifically to their needs.

Techniques include unique breath-work and tonal and modal patterns, use of specific musical pitches and keys, and harmonics created by playing 2 or 3 instruments simultaneously. Each individual flute has a signature overtone pattern. When 2 or more harmonically compatible flutes are played simultaneously a new set of overtone harmonics is created through their interaction. In the appropriate context, complex harmonics and overtones can have a deeper impact and support a richer sense of involvement by the listener.

It is common for listeners to describe pleasurable feelings of the music and vibrations moving through their bodies. Program participants often comment on feeling a release of physical and emotional tension, experiencing less physical and emotional pain, and feeling more gentle toward themselves and others. Participants struggling with PTSD often describe feeling more grounded, safe, calm in their thoughts and emotions, and relaxed.

The healing circle provides quiet time at the end for personal processing during which participants may write in a journal or quietly reflect on their experiences.

The healing work in this workshop is gentle and respectful of individuals’ processes, needs and religious, spiritual practices. Through her life experiences and work supporting people recovering from trauma, Jan has developed a gentle, respectful, grounded approach to lovingly releasing old painful patterns and incorporating higher, healthier vibrations and belief patterns.


Staff Development

Workplace productivity and the health of a business are grounded in the attitudes of its management and staff. Harmonious relationships begin with the individual’s inner sense of peace and compassion for themselves and others. Music, especially of the flute, provides a safe and inspiring means of relaxation as well as connection with one’s sense of purpose and higher consciousness. Positive, cooperative and compassionate individuals make for a stronger, healthier organization. Ms. Seiden’s effective wellness programs and concerts have benefited many groups.


Music, especially of the flute, provides a safe and inspiring means of relaxation as well as connection with one’s sense of purpose and higher consciousness. Ms. Seiden’s gentle, subtle yet powerful music provides a safe and inspiring means of relaxation and of developing a profound relationship with the essential self. Participants achieve an inner sense of peace and compassion for themselves and others. The framework is established for the individual to embrace a more harmonious way of being, and to consciously make choices that are healthier and more productive for themselves and their relationships with others.



Children’s and Youth Programs

Children, especially those with medical and developmental challenges, connect with the natural sounds and sight of these unusual instruments. In the peaceful ambiance and intrigue generated by Ms. Seiden’s musical stories, hyperactive and distracted children are able to sit still and focus for extended periods of time. Programs for youth may take the form of a campfire experience or classroom setting, and always involve fun.


Jan’s professional background includes a Master of Science from The Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health and 22 years working in the fields of physiology, biomedical research and integrative medicine. She has blended her musical talent with her biomedical training and personal experiences to help people of diverse backgrounds and in process with conditions including: women recovering from domestic violence, war veterans struggling with PTSD, children with special needs, inner city high-risk youth, adults with cancer, chronic pain, various neuromuscular diseases, and traumatic brain injury. Ms. Seiden has been working with clients throughout the United States since 1999 in both group and private sessions, including Kernan Hospital’s Traumatic Brain Injury Unit, Multiple Sclerosis Day Program and Stroke Rehab Unit. Clients have described personally meaningful reductions in physical and emotional pain lasting for between a few days to several weeks and even 8 months following a program.