Jan Seiden in Towson, MD on 3/01/14

Join us on a Vivid Journey of Discovery, Healing and Personal Empowerment through Music

If you could hear the song of your soul calling to you from Creation, how would you answer?

Winds of the ancient past flow through Jan Seiden’s flutes, leading us on a journey of discovery with sound and imagery to the sanctuary of the soul.  The evocative, timeless voices of Native American, Anasazi and Mayan flutes speak to our deep ancestral memories, guiding us in gaining more profound awareness of our direct connection to Creation and in achieving more exquisite alignment with our soul paths.

Jan’s music flows with themes of nature and global unity. Known for her work with the elusive rim blown flutes of the Anasazi, Hopi and Mojave peoples, Jan transcends the bounds of our time in concert. Through her multi-chamber flutes of the Native American style, she weaves voices of a solo flute with poignantly placed harmonies.

Jan’s pure tones and elegant phrasing combine to create an inspiring experience.  Her soulful eloquence speaks the language of the heart, transporting listeners to an inner tranquil state – a journey of imagination and healing that endures far beyond the performance itself.

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